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General Contest Rules

1. All prizes must be claimed by the winner in person within 2 weeks of the date the contestant won the contest. You may be asked to show proper identification to claim your prize. After 2 weeks, all un-claimed prizes are forfeited and become the property of Big Country 105.3 & 99.1 and WKGM, Inc.
2. Only one winner per household is allowed to win prizes from Big Country 105.3 & 99.1 every 30 days. (So all of our listeners can have an opportunity to play and win!)
3. All contestants must be at least 18 years of age to participate in any contest and/or win prizes from Big Country 105.3 & 99.1 unless an individual contest specifies otherwise. Certain individual contests may require special additional rules for play.
4. Big Country 105.3 & 99.1 and WKGM, Inc. reserves the right to change and/or cancel any and all contests at any time.

5. Big Country 105.3 & 99.1  and WKGM, Inc is in no way responsible for any and all liabilities related to or caused by any and all prizes given.

6. All prize winners are completely responsible for any and all taxes and may be required to sign a tax form to claim certain prizes.
7. Big Country 105.3 & 99.1 and WKGM, Inc cannot be held responsible for any telephone malfunctions.
8. All contestant names and voices could be recorded and played back on the air in conjunction with any contest and may also be used again for other station promotions.

9. Employees of Big Country 105.3 & 99.1, WKGM, Inc, their immediate families, along with employees of other radio and TV stations are not eligible to win prizes from Big Country 105.3 & 99.1.
10. Written copies of these contest rules are available at the Big Country 105.3 & 99.1 Business Office located at 18498 James Madison Highway in Dillwyn, or our office located at 11484 Spottswood Trail in Ruckersville during regular business hours.


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